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Select 3D Printer And Material

Selected Material
  • Clear
  • White
  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • Purple
  • GlowBlue
  • Gold/Light Brown
  • Flame Retardant
  • Silver
ASAGood mechanical properties, very good UV stability, temperature and weather resistance.
  • Black
ColorFabbPLA based material containint phosphorescent pigment having a white creamy colour in day light but will glow a green shade in the dark
  • GlowFill
ColorFabb nGenQuality co-polyester material that produces good details with clarity and gloss also having good toughness
  • Green
HIPSA recyclable, non-toxic, durable copolymer with goof impact strength, often used as support material as it dissolves in Limonene
  • Red
Metal CompositePLA based material containing metal compounds resulting in a metallic like surface appearance when polished.
  • Bronze Infused
  • Aluminium Infused
Nylon+ Great mechanical properties
+ High chemical resistance
+ High impact strength
- Moisture absorbent
- High relative cost
- Less level of details
  • Taulman 645 Black
  • Taulman Bridge Natural
  • Clear
  • Carbon Fibre 20%
PETG+ Good mechanical properties vs PLA
+ Good chemical resistance
+ Good moisture resistance
- Produces less level of details vs PLA
- Temperature resistance up-to 75°C
  • Blue
  • Black
  • White
PLA+ Low cost
+ Food grade compliant (AS2070-1999 10/2011)
+ Produces defined details
- Low strength
- More brittle than ABS
- Temp resistance up to 60°C
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Orange
PLA Grey MarblePLA based material containing black Nylon particles resulting in a marble like surface appearance
  • Marble like
POMHigh strength, rigidity and hardness polymer.
  • Black
PolySupportEasily removable support material used with PLA
  • White
PolyWoodPLA based material containing wood mimicking particles resulting in a wood like surface appearance
  • Wood like
PolycarbonateAn extremely tough, stiff and durable thermoplastic material that is temperature resistant up-to 110°C
  • Black
TPEFlexible elastomer similar to rubber but less performant with hardness ranging between 75-85 Shore A
  • White
TPUFlexible polyurethane similar to rubber but less performant with hardness ranging between 85-95 Shore A
  • Red
  • PolyFlex Yellow
  • Black
Selected Material
ABS Like Resin90% ABS property
Anti-scratch, great weathering
Super strong with tenacity
Suitable for different post processing like drilling, screwing etc.
  • White
Castable ResinGreat for creating parts to be used for investment casting without the need for laborious wax carving. Parts will have matte surfaces
  • Pink
Dental Model ResinSuitable for high accuracy dental models (80 Shore D). Not for intraoral use!
+ Models of teeth
+ Models of gums
+ Prototypes of dentures
+ Prototypes of crowns
+ Prototypes of bridges
  • Beige Matte
  • White Matte
  • Clear
Flexible ResinHigh detail resin that can be stretched without snapping or breaking, making this resin ideal for flexible applications
  • Grey
  • White
  • Clear
Hard ResinStiff and glass-like parts with a crisp finish are obtained
  • Black
High Detail Resin
  • Clear
  • White
  • Black
  • Gunmetal Grey
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
High Tensile ResinIdeal for making hard objects that exhibit high strength and low elongation
  • Grey
Tough ResinDurable and resilient resin material.Parts will be strong and rigid, but capable of bending and flexing before displaying cracks or breaks
  • Grey
  • White
Selected Material
Nylon PA11/12+ Great mechanical properties
+ High chemical resistance
+ High impact strength
- Moisture absorbent
- High relative cost
  • White
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We stock a  wide range of 3D printing materials and colours for all major 3D printing Technologies based on additive layers, FDM, SLA and SLS*, each with its own set of applications and benefits. Depending on your intended application for the parts we may be able to suggest a material that suits your purpose. Feel free to contact us if you’re unsure what material you may need


Infill refers to the amount of material or density in the solid section of your 3D model. The flexibility of 3D printing technology enables solid sections to be printed light as well as strong using various infill patterns (grid, honeycomb, etc) and infill amounts or rates.  The definition of infill vary between FDM, SLA and SLS 3d printing technologies. If unsure please contact us for advise


In addition to the material and infill options you may select a of post processing service or the Live View feature from the options list. Depending on your selected material the content in the additional option list may change to reflect applicable services. If you’re not sure what additional service you may need or to combine services please specify your requirements or contact us directly


Intellectual Property

SSL level encryption protects your files
Optional NDA available for download
No 3rd parties are involved


Production Quality

FDM: Tolerances 0.3% (min: ± 0.25 mm). Shrinkage 0.2% - 1%
SLA: Tolerances 0.2% (min: ± 0.1 mm). Shrinkage 0.2% - 0.5%
SLS: Tolerances 0.3% (min: ± 0.3 mm). Shrinkage 2% - 4%


Business Services

NET30 credit terms
Pre-pay blank ordering
Volume manufacturing agreement
Supplier agreement with priority capacity

Performance And Achievements

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Manufacturing Services & Consulting Pricing Guide

For more details contact us directly!

FDM 3D-Printing

PLA, ABS, PA, POM, Flex, Exotics
$10 /hour SP


SLA / DLP 3D-Printing

High Detail, Hard, Tough, Flexible Resin
$19 /hour SP


Consulting Services

Product Design, Management, Production
$99 /hour SP


Industry applications for our Consulting & 3D Printing Services

We provide services to architects and real estate agencies such as:

    • Model drafting and visualisation services
  • Prototyping  and 3D Printing of housing or apartment buildings.
  • Interior design modeling.

Whether it’s for an art or a hobby project we’ve got you covered! can produce the most amazing pieces of 3d-printed object that retain your intended shape and function.

    • Our printed parts can be used in fully functional applications for hobby or DIY projects (RC car, drone, plane parts, etc). We have a wide range of materials and colour to suit your project.
  • For fine art objects we use our clear or white resin producing stunning 3d printed objects with incredible accuracy and details. Other colours and materials are also available to suit your requirements.
  • For home or office 3D printed products are fun and can be customized to your liking.

The innovations of 3d printing technology has made a significant impact to the dentistry industry, providing accurate and fast turn-around for dental applications. With our professional SLA printers we can offer:

    • A variety of orthodontic, diagnostic, and educational models, as well as for vacuum-forming aligners or other appliances.
    • Print high precision and accuracy crown and bridge models with removable dies that have sharp margins and contacts for best fit
    • With a Class I bio-compatible resin we can produce precise surgical guides and similar devices.
    • We can offer a Class IIa long-term bio compatible and fracture/wear resistant material that is ideal for splints, retainers, and other direct-printed long-term orthodontic appliances.
  • Facilitating training of dentists other staff using solid models of bone structures and other dental systems.

Teachers and students can benefit from the latest innovation in rapid prototyping by materializing ideas and concepts in class for faster learning. Student of all levels can design models and have them printed with us at very affordable rates (25% discount). is passionate about innovation and this is our contribution. We offer:

    • In class education on part designing methodologies and 3D prototyping technologies
  • 3D modeling services for large research projects as well as 3d printing prototypes.
  • Facilitating biochemical and biomedical  learning by printing models such as: molecular structures and other systems.

Engineering and Design applications is our largest sector. We provide a wide range of services such as:

    • Product and Project Management. Help you target key results while on budget and on schedule.
    • Innovation and IP Management. Advising you on how to protect your IP and facilitate the patent & trademark processes.
    • Industrial design and drafting services. Delivering your CAD files in any of the major 3D-file formats.
    • Producing both functional and aesthetic rapid prototyping parts or complete design models using FDM, SLA or SLS 3D printing technologies. We can also outsource CNC components or mass production tooling as needed.
  • Industrialisation and commercialisation consulting.  Facilitating you journey and reduce time from idea stage to market launch.

Our 3D printing solutions are perfect for fast manufacturing of super fine and fashion jewelry.  Using the latest resin products that produce breathtaking accurate details and leave close to no residue when burned we can offer 3d printed models for:

    • Investment casting applications using our cast resin for a clean and ash free production.
  • Our tough and hard resin with minimal shrinkage well suited for cold casting applications
  • We can offer a semi-flexible option for fashion designers to produce small batches of 3d printed jewelry.

Our 3D printing solutions apply to a wide range of uses in the medical and health care sector such as:

    • Utilising data from MRI and CT scans we can provide an accurate 3D print to assist surgeons, doctors and vet  specialists to visualize and prepare for complex procedures.
  • Prototyping  new innovative medical devices and tools for quick and inexpensive validation of design and functionality prior to mass production.
  • Facilitating training of medical staff using solid models of bone structures and other anatomic systems.

Our 3D printing services cater for the mining, oil and gas industry sectors by offering:

    • Detailed topography 3d-printed model facilitating the prospecting and mining planning process.
  • Detailed models of oil and gas processing plants can be printed with great accuracy using our range or SLA printers.
  • Visualise future investments in facilities and other CapEx by producing scaled models of the sites for potential investor presentations.

3D print a personalized gift to your friends and loved ones. We can help you design or adapt your 3d model and deliver the 3d prints to your designated address within 2-3 business days:

    • Select any 3d model from the numerous online websites that offer both paid and free .stl files and upload it to our website for an instant quote. You can select colour, quantity and material among many other options to customize you print for it’s purpose.
  • offers a wide range of postage option from “Same day” delivery to International shipping options.
  • Feel free to contact us for a consultation about your 3D printing products.

About us is a Brisbane based 3D Printing business offering ultra-fast 3D prototyping and 3d Modelling services on-demand. We are known for delivering high-quality, affordable, typically 1-Day turnaround 3D printing services to US and international customers.

We offer fast and reliable solutions to suit every budget with 24/7 production and delivery capability.

Wide Material Selection

We offer a wide range of materials such as ABS, PLA, POM, PC, Nylon, flexible and exotic in many colours including natural, transparent, colour shifting, glowing and many more. Our SLA printers offer a variety of colours as well as flexible, hard, tough and standard resins.Get in touch... »

Creative Design Services

We can help you with product design & modelling and suggest improvements for best functionality and aesthetics.

We can also provide consultant service to help you with mass production and commercialise / bring your product to market.Get in touch... »

Affordable prices

We offer heavily discounted prices for your first print and 10% student discount together with our top quality assurance.Get in touch... »

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